Thirty x 1

I really enjoyed committing to a square a day last year. The gentle rhythm of manipulating hook and yarn is stress relieving and a feast for the eyes as colours change snd interact with each other. I have to admit, though, that designing blankets ‘on the hoof’ for others to duplicate if desired was notContinue reading “Thirty x 1”

Five Colour Friday for December

This would normally appear on the last Friday of the month, but as that will be Christmas Day I’m bringing it forward. I think we have all seen enough of 2020. It’s been a year of sadness, disappointment and shattered dreams for so many people throughout the world.

Five Colour Friday

It’s been a while since I published one of these posts, but now seems the ideal time to re-introduce the 5-Colour theme, especially as the first blanket of #crochet6in366 will also be 5-colours. I’ve really enjoyed making this, and it all came together remarkably quickly because it’s been floating around in my head for severalContinue reading “Five Colour Friday”