Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

Apologies for the abrupt ending of this series. I had some really good ideas for the rest of the alphabet – but sadly health issues meant the challenge had to end.

I’ll post the rest of the alphabet as separate posts during the forthcoming weeks.

In the meantime – very slowly – I have been able to continue with crochet. An update is coming soon.


Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – G is for


I find grids very useful. Squared paper is easy to obtain, but better still – the grid you draw.


Measuring isn’t obligatory – and I often start by drawing a rough grid by ‘eye’ in my journal.

Are you a quilter? Quite an interesting way of developing your own personal quilting pattern is to begin with your intials. Firstly – fill every alternate square with the initial of one of your names



Then choose a second initial and complete the rest of the boxes.



This simple pattern is based on an M and an h – upper or lower case can be chosen at will – and the shape of the letters doesn’t have to have any bearing on your signature.

Once ‘inked in’ the line becomes more apparent. The above needs a little touching up if it’s to be programmed into a quilting module – but for freehand quilting, either by machine or by hand, it gives a good indication of the final result.

I love using grids. You never know what you will discover

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Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – F is for..

French Knots

There are many embroidery stitches – but one of my favourites is French Knots. There is nothing better for creating texture.

The secret to a perfect French Knot is twofold. Firstly NEVER wind the thread around the needle – manipulate the needle around the thread whilst holding the loose thread fairly taut. Secondly – keep hold of the loose thread until the very last moment while taking the needle through to the back of the fabric. 

 Posted for the April A-Z challenge. All posts for this challenge will relate in some way to my creativity.

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Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – C is for..


I enjoy working with paper. It began as a design tool for textiles – but after discovering that it was also a useful base for stitch it has more and more become an integrated part of my work.

Paper is so readily available! It doesn’t need to be expensive. The cover of this book is just plain old painted newspaper.


I’ve built up the surface on cardboard from a cereal packet – glued it down with Matte Medium and added a protective coating of the same on top. Doodles featured heavily on some of the painted surfaces before being cut or torn and laid dowuse pn. Really simple zigzag stitches were added – more as surface interest than anything else. If you are going to try it – just make sure that any paint or glue is well dried before you start.

I use paper for my daily nine patches too. These might seem a waste of time – but the colour combinations have seen their way into other peices of work, so nothing is wasted.


Posted for the April A-Z challenge. The posts on this blog all relate to creativity in some way. ‘Chatty’ A-Z posts are appearing here.

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – B is for..


Yesterday I told you about my practice of creating something each day. Sometimes these are tiny creations and may become part of a little collection. The ideal way to display (or keep them on one place 😉 ) is to often include them in a little handmade book.

Little books with pockets are also ideal as permanent or temporary holders for holiday memorabilia. I recently wrote about a book I’ve made in readiness for my next little time away. Soon I’ll be adding to the pages – pockets, extensions and folders. Washi tape is good for that! I bet you’ve got some lying around 😉


Blogging from A to Z – April Challenge – A is for


It has long been my habit of ensuring that I spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something creative. I highly recommend the practice – especially if inspiration seems to have disappeared. The object is to do something.

One of my favourite materials is Abaca Tissue. This plant based tissue has some lovely properties.

Firstly – it takes colour very well, and a variety of results can be created using either water colour or dye.


Patterns are sometimes a surprise – but whether light or dark they are always useable.

AbacaPaint 1

Once dry they take on a new personality. Cut or torn into strips they can be layered into landscapes and more.

Collage Etsy 2

This versatile material can also be used as a basis for stitch – but more about that another day.

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