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The problem with a new project is that there is always something left when it's finished! The remnants of various colours hang around looking untidy, but also shouting out to be used. And so the scrap blanket is begun! I thought this one was finished. But the more I looked at it - the more… Continue reading Scrapping

Blanket, Colour, crochet, Design

Giveaway and more 

I've been keeping my head down.  I had a project to finish and I just had to get on with it. I'll show you in a minute, but first - the giveaway. To my amazement I somehow managed at acquire 500 followers on Instagram. This was without seeking any, it just happened. so I decided… Continue reading Giveaway and more 

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A word of warning

The internet is vast. It's amazing to imagine that what I've written on my blog will be seen thousands of miles away only seconds after it is published. Putting a word into a search engine will result in many responses within seconds - 'crochet free blanket patterns' produces almost 6 million results via Bing -… Continue reading A word of warning

Blanket, Colour, crochet, This and That

A useful tip

And so.... work on the rainbow blanket begins. This time I'm weaving in the ends as I go. That, however, isn't my useful tip! Weaving requires a blunt needle. I was too lazy to go and find one in my workbox, but I did have this one nearby from a recent spell of stitching. Although… Continue reading A useful tip