Time to celebrate!

Do you remember 2020? It was a hard year with lockdowns, disappointments and many other problems that we had to face unexpectedly. I’m not sure that, from our point of view, 2021 has been a lot better, but this year, at least, we have been able to see family.

Yesterday we had an unexpected visit from our younger grandson.

That wouldn’t have been possible a year ago.

We’ll see him again tomorrow – it’s the first time we will all be together since before Covid. Best of all it’s for a celebration.

It seems impossible that this tiny babe will turn one year old tomorrow! I announced his early arrival here.

We couldn’t celebrate last year – so it’s a good excuse for a family get-together.

The blanket was finished in good time for his arrival.

You can follow it’s progress via the picture above or THIS LINK.

I have the urge to make something similar, but first I have something else to complete.

This gives very little away. It’s the back and start of a sleeve for a little jacket. I’m starting with the boring bits – the fronts have stripes. It’s spurring me on to know that there is something ‘exciting’ around the corner. It won’t be finished by tomorrow, but if I can take the back and a sleeve I can judge for size and factor in any alterations.

Once it’s done I’ll get back to this.

I don’t think it minds taking a backseat for a little while.

What are you planning for your weekend? Answers on a postcard …?

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6 thoughts on “Time to celebrate!

  1. Linda

    It’s so lovely to hear of families being able to see each other again. I can’t wait until we can see the children again.
    Take care and stay safe xox


    1. Linda, I really feel for you. You have such a distance to travel too. I do hope the situation improves soon – you have had so much happening during this awful time. Sending lots and lots of virtual hugs. xox


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