A square a day

Can you remember every blanket you have made? I thought that I could, but the other day I came across this picture! It dates back to July 2018, and this is the only photograph I have. I had completely forgotten about it.

A square a day is a discipline that I have practised for a long time. Not too large, it doesn’t interfere with other projects which have priority. These are squares of four rounds and there are 120 of them. Each one is made with leftovers from another project.

It’s very difficult to undo a round once a square is finished off, so I had presumably left some in case a colour needed changing. I enjoy weaving them in so they would soon have disappeared after this picture was taken.

Sadly, though, I can’t remember the joining colour I used – it was probably Parchment as I used to always have a ‘superfluity’ of that – or, in fact, exactly where it went! I know it was to someone local, and I don’t recall any complaints, though, so I presume it is languishing somewhere and hopefully loved! Looking back at the diary for that time I can see that some squares would have been made away from home!

Don’t you just love Crochet on the Move!?!?

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