2020 retrospective- May

Well, we are now into March 2021 and now seems as good a time as any to look back at May of last year. Lockdown was in full swing, the weather was good, but there wasn’t much doubt that the Covid situation was going to run and run! There was some crochet, but May was mostly about the garden – and that actually gives me something to look forward to this year.

For many years we visited friends in Wales in May. It was a wonderful time of rest and relaxation in a beautiful spot high in the hills. No traffic, almost no neighbours ( just friends and sheep) and a carpet of Welsh poppies. Dotted around our garden are pots and more containing these yellow gems. We certainly won’t be able to visit again this year, but these sunny plants bring back many happy memories. They flower at the same time as this rose / which will continue to flower well into the autumn and even the winter.

The hanging baskets cheered the entrance, and the twice daily watering was a chance to meet a few (very few) passers-by who ‘braved’ the ‘outside’ for exercise.

There was much that we missed – sharing marshmallows with grandchildren was just one.

And viewing garden improvements by another family member a second.

Let’s be honest – Zoom, FaceTime, etc is useful – but doesn’t compensate for hugs or reading stories etc … and here we are back in the same situation

My orchids on various windowsills were a joy to behold and cheered the day on more than one occasion. Sadly they have been severely neglected this winter – this is a reminder that I must give them some tlc.

A daily square continued #crochet6in366. Alternating with Graphite made this a fairly mindless operation and helped to pass the time.

Another daily enterprise was the Spirit of Spring Blanket. March on the left – and May on the right awaiting its last strip. Now finished and gone.

Banana bread baked on a regular basis for gifting to people on their own. This batch was a little over baked – I was still getting used to my new oven.

Tomato seedlings were planted out both in garden pots and in the greenhouse and the garden continued to offer us colour inspiration.

I wonder how much more freedom we will have in May this year? How are you faring with the current situation? Chin up! We’ll get through it!

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