Thirty x 1

I really enjoyed committing to a square a day last year. The gentle rhythm of manipulating hook and yarn is stress relieving and a feast for the eyes as colours change snd interact with each other. I have to admit, though, that designing blankets ‘on the hoof’ for others to duplicate if desired was not easy, and sometimes the cause of stress when the Internet wouldn’t let me load a picture or two. It was therefore necessary to devise something different for this year!

So I determined that this year I will try to make designated number of blankets, but in secret, only revealing them when completed. Today I reveal the first of these. Each will feature a ‘new to me’ yarn. Who knows what I will find?

Obviously shopping is limited at the moment, so this first yarn was bought online.

Have you heard of this yarn?

I have to admit that it’s new to me, as indeed was Lion Brand. It isn’t a company that appears to be generally sold in the U.K. I bought mine from DERAMORES where it is available in about 12 colours.

The colour combinations are stunning. I wasn’t sure how much I would need, so I bought 6 cakes to be sure, and I’m glad I did. I have about a quarter of one left over.

It isn’t always my first port of call (although after a square a day for the last 3 years you probably don’t believe me), but I did decide on granny squares for this project to get an idea of the colour changes. As you can see above, there are quite a few in a 7 round square. The main one above is called Summer Day.

The other cakes are Vintage Carousel and Buttercup Two cakes of each

I will certainly use this yarn again. It needs a size 5 hook, and works up quite quickly. Please ask for more information if I’ve missed anything you need to know. Summer Day was also used for the simple border. There is a total of 30 squares

This is the second blanket made this month. The first was FRIENDSHIP 1 and can be found here All being well there will be another finish soon too!

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6 thoughts on “Thirty x 1

  1. Happy 2021 – a new year and a new idea!!! Love the Friendship Afghans!!! I have pretty much figured out the difference of TDC (US-DC) HDC (US-SC) – but never heard the term “cakes”. I assume in the US we would call them skeins??? Hopefully I can get back to my Afghan from last year….

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    1. Happy 2021 to you too Pam. I’ve just added a picture of a ‘cake’ to the bottom of the post. It’s like a squat ball, and usually unwound from the centre. I think Caron started the idea – search for Caron Cakes.


  2. Linda

    I’ve never thought of using cakes for squares but that ferris wheel blanket looks amazing and has definitely given me something to think about moving forward.
    Thank you for sharing !!

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