How many squares?

Tomorrow will see the publication of the fifth sequence of squares for the first blanket in this series of six. Not everyone is following along exactly, and I’m really enjoying watching how things are progressing. The links below will take you to some of the sources, and I hope you will follow them along too.

Ruthie has been making a collection with lots of pretty blues, while Sushy has been experimenting with different squares. Below you can see some very pretty squares by Sandra. She has a plan, and it’s looking good!

I’ve been slow to post these updates this time as I’ve been travelling. Don’t forget to send me your links if you are joining in and I’ll add you to the next appropriate post. If you are joining late you will find a list of all the previous posts here, and you can join in at any time. Tomorrow you will see my two versions in their up to date state.

Winter has been interesting. We have had rain, but not lots of it. We’ve also had chill, but again, not much, and as for snow…. none! However, February is the month for that here. Some days have been glorious. Bright sun and brilliant blue skies – my favourite sort of winter. Can you imagine that from the Spirit of Winter blanket? Not quite up to date below, but almost.

Click the picture if you would to follow along with this series.

Come back tomorrow for the next installment,  and I’ll shortly reveal some details of the next blanket which will be bigger than 6 x 8 squares.



7 thoughts on “How many squares?

    1. There are 91 days of winter, so 9×11 is perfect with room for some linking blocks too. They are a useful size for a lap blanket or throw, and I can change them with the season.


  1. I think a lap blanket size is really nice! I thought of doing something just for the three months of spring from March through to the end of May! The only problem is finding the time!
    Now I understand your calculations as to the number of squares and how you put them together!

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    1. Yes. I will make a spring blanket next. This year they will probably all be the same format. Last year I did 6 round squares of 3 days. It’s good to ring the changes. I follow meteorological seasons so March to May will be next.


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