February is now well established. The freshness of the New Year is over and we are thankfully able to look forward to spring. It hasn’t been a springlike weekend here, though, with unwarranted snow, something that is very rare here.

This was the view from what I euphemistically call my ‘workroom’ on Friday. Saturday’s view was similar but at least the sky was bright and blue.

New this year, this little blue gem was a pleasure to behold, but his purple neighbours disappeared. They are visible again this morning as the last of the snow vanishes. It arrived on Friday and Saturday, stayed still on a beautiful Sunday and was almost all washed away by drizzle overnight. I hope you are all enjoying safe weather.

January was a very odd month for crochet. I found it difficult to really concentrate on a particular project. I have several on the go, but there didn’t seem to be a rhythm in what I was doing. When in doubt – just keep going, and invariably the situation resolves itself.

It did!

Firstly I just kept going with my square a day. I had no theme for this, and I think that was part of the problem. I was waiting for inspiration, and as Picasso says ..it comes, ‘but has to find you working’. I’m still working, but in a more ordered way. More another day.

Another thing that threw me off balance a bit was the Temperature Blanket for 2019. Having made two along similar lines I knew that I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of daily squares I decided on one square for three days. It’s certainly working as far as ‘different’ is concerned, but once again the daily rhythm isn’t there.

I also have quite a large collection of random oddments. So, yet again I have a stop and start project! I making sure that all ends disappear as I work along, so again … no real rhythm!

And so, another ongoing project appeared. With no real theme in mind some of my daily squares just shouted out to be changed, so a few had additions and were converted into the beginning of a new blanket. This will be a charity blanket, and it will go to a charity in Wales that is close to my heart. It’s for homeless sick people, so I’ll make a quick plea for any odd squares you have if you wish to send to me. I’ll add them in with mine.

One row is here, although it’s now double the size.

So, January also brought us more hoohah about Brexit. I no longer have an opinion on the subject, or at least, I’m not prepared to discuss the subject with anyone, but the Blanket is beginning to take shape. If you remember I set out to make a square a day for the last 100 days. This is the first 44. The cream represents all those ‘white’ lies we were spun by all sides of the House (whether we actually believed any of them is another story). The solid colours represent the varying views held, strongly, by ordinary people. As time goes on more and more of those initial lies become more and more exposed (dirtier) and opinions change – but some get stronger …

If you count the squares you will see that there are 11 in each row! That doesn’t go precisely into 100, but, whatever happens, day 100 will either be the border or part of the next phase, and about that I do not wish to think! (Please note the colours do not have any political significance.)

So, into February.

If you follow Creating Something Every Day you will know I have set an easy challenge for this month.

It’s paint based, and easy to catch up. It’s also free, so that’s a good thing too, isn’t it 🙂

I also spent a little time twisting yarns together..

Five yarns became a large ball. One ran out before the others, or it would have been a little larger.

My goodness! With a size 15 hook it worked up like lightening! So much so that I wound up another ball in similar colours and apart from the blanket for a newborn, the initial project, I also now have a cosy scarf to go with my new grey coat!

So, how has your year started? Have you made anything? Maybe you have started a new project? Whatever you are up to feel free to let me have a link below so that I can pop over and see. Keeping busy with textiles etc certainly keeps the mind off illness and more.

Have a good month.

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