Always keep an open mind!

I’m not sure if I’ve said it here before, but I love playing with colour.

No, that isn’t true. I just – love colour!

If I had the time I could happily spend the day combining swatches, playing with paints and other wet media, and more. Of course, there isn’t time for that – but I have a wealth of experience of colour ‘up my sleeve’ thanks to many years of dyeing a wide variety of combinations.  I carefully worked out a sequence for the Sixty Million Trebles blanket, however, I have learnt that things don’t always run to plan’ 

The gold to yellow half went well, and, as planned, moved on towards green. If you look at the previous posts you will see that two of the ‘yellows’ are very close in colour. This was intentional. I was so pleased to find two greens (both shades of lime) that were as close, but definitely different so on I went. Yes, in daylight this was true, they were different – but after dark, when the only illumination was via electricity, the case was not so – the colours appeared identical. So, away came the second lime strip and I moved on to the next planned colour.  Once again everything was fine in daylight – but in the evening the now sole lime strip became a deep and dingy brown, and looked distinctly out of place.

So, once more it was back to the drawing board, as it were. A third colour was rejected almost immediately, but a fourth fitted perfectly. Only a few rows of that was needed – but the transition is now back on track and here we are today!

I didn’t find it in the least bit frustrating. The object isn’t to just get it finished – but to get it finished well. Hopefully I’m now on track to do that. Once it’s finished I’ll let you know what the colours are, but as the best plans of mice and men…….

Have a happy crochet day!


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