Charity update 

I’m just back from a lovely but exhausting weekend. We stayed with our young grandchildren while their parents were away for a few days. We love them to bits – and had great fun! However, a nine and a six year old show boundless energy. Cartwheels, swingball, cricket and dancing gave continual ‘entertainment’, and a long walk with us was also added to hopefully wear them out! Did it work? Well, yes, in truth it did make for a quiet evening!!


I took along some crochet, knowing that the evenings would be quiet, but I wasn’t prepared for the interest of the children. Both wanted to know what I was doing, and agreed that the project was worthwhile. Guess what? They both asked to help! Each took turns in adding a few blocks to the above – and it really pleases me that this is now a joint exercise. We measured it too – and it is now 20+ inches towards the required 36. I must work on my other project later, but now that I’m home I’ll be adding more to the above – and maybe next week will see some more trebles added by the grandchildren.

Don’t forget – if you would like to get involved there is a Ravelry group and also a website.

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