Ups and downs

Life really has a habit of keeping one on their toes. It’s easy to be seduced into thinking that all is fine, and then to be shocked to find that it isn’t. Keeping on an even keel when things are not going to ‘plan’ isn’t easy, but thanks to my faith in the Lord Jesus I can do this!

Yes, life has taken another turn, but I will not be beaten – I’m here for the duration and will gently plod on. Sadly I’m going to have to withdraw from leading the crochetalong which was intended to start next week, instead I’ll leave it until the beginning of the year or so, when hopefully things will have calmed down again. I know you will all understand, and better not to start than to start and then….. not complete!

So, what’s been happening?

Well you don’t want to read all the gory details, so I’ll stick with crochet. Here are some glimpses of what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, do you remember this? It started life as a blanket, but due to a chance remark by someone I love dearly it was transformed and has become something else.

Not something I was expecting to make – but it looks lovely now that it’s finished.

I’m going away for a rest in a couple of weeks, so I have started something fairly mindless to take away with me.


I’m really looking forward to working on it. It’s Cygnet Yarns Boho Spirit – and the colourway is Chic. It’s for someone special – and I know she will like it.

My next project is made with a new (to me) yarn. It’s another Cygnet yarn – their DK. My first task when I start a new yarn or colourway is to make a sample square. These are useful for designing etc, and I use them often. This habit formed early on when I began to dye threads and fabrics for stitching – they now fill many files and folders, and some are in boxes too.  These squares are quick and easy to make. I previously made all my square using the c2c method – but a different yarn requires a different stitch – how else will I know which is which?

So far I’m really pleased with the results of my labours. I have this vision in my head – and partly charted on paper. I’m getting there….


I’ll share more with you next time. I bought my yarn from Mrs Snufflebean. The one shown here in the middle is Barley – it’s gorgeous and I think you need some 😉

Back soon, with the promise that I will continue to move onwards and upwards regardless of circumstances.

10 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Patricia

    I am just finding your blog after recently realizing I didn’t actually follow your Instagram. So I’m just catching up- I do hope all is well for you and that the rest will be beneficial , spiritually, physically and mentally. See you when you get back– rest in Him. – @Patriciagram65 / Instagram


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