This and that

Never say ‘Never’!

I’ve been caught out before. Jan, if you are reading this please skip this next paragraph! 

Scraps accumulate and there was one thing I always insisted I would never do! That was – turn them into a Granny Square! So how did this happen? 

Well, there is a story behind it but it can wait for another time, and maybe, even, another place. 

I finished this, I’m glad to say. It looks really good, even though it didn’t during the making. 

A border makes all the difference- even if it’s simple. It simply says ‘finished’. 

I have a plan. I’m still working it out, but next month I’ll be starting a new blanket- possibly in the colours below.

Want to join me? Once it’s all finalised I’ll let you have more details. 

2 thoughts on “This and that

    1. The yarn is Stylecraft Merrygoround in Rainbow colourway. I used a 4mm hook. The border is my own – first a round of 3 chain and a slipstitch to secure, second round is sl stitch, 3 chain, 2 tr into each 3 chain of previous round. Does that make sense? If not, let me know. Thanks for dropping in


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