A Merry Go Round disappointment

It serves me right. I tried to cut a corner!

I need a crochet blanket quickly. It had to be bright and cheerful, so, rather than spend time dyeing one I chose a bright and cheeerful combination that I have seen far and wide around the Web.

I’m not enjoying it.

It’s a Stylecraft yarn, but it’s a novelty yarn – and each time I’ve chosen one of their novelty yarns I’ve found the standard to be less than good. Finishing this blanket, although small, will be tedious, but I’ll continue rather than waste the yarn. I won’t buy it again, though.

The yarn I’ve just used is on the left – the novelty yarn I used previously on the right. Lumps, breaks and uneven thickness are problems I’ve encountered so far. Such a shame. I buy the yarn to support our local shop – it’s the only make they sell.

2 thoughts on “A Merry Go Round disappointment

    1. We don’t have a proper local yarn shop. This one just has a small amount of space within many other products and has a good stock of Stylecraft yarns. I’ve found the Speicial DK acrylic to be reasonable for utility blankets – but this type is one I won’t try again. Our nearest proper yarn store is 20 miles away – this one is within walking distance (a 2.5 mile round trip), so it’s good for my health too!!! 😀

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