Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – E is for..


Do you know about the Embellisher? It’s the most wonderful machine for making texture and more!

It looks like a domestic sewing machine, but instead of having a single needle with a hole for thread it has a head with multiple  needles – no holes – just barbs. As these move up and down the fabrics or fibres placed underneath the needles become meshed together creating new surfaces. There are several different sorts – but they all work in the same way.

Many fabrics and fibres can be used – including cotton



which will finally produce a very interesting fabric (shown above nowhere near finished)

Knitting yarns are also a good source of inspiration. They can be used straight from the ball, or knitted or crocheted before being changed by the machine



Above are workshop samples – and so too are the ones below.


but finished results can be both fun and unexpected.


Posted for the April A-Z challenge. All posts for this challenge will relate in some way to my creativity.

You can also find my chatty A-Z creative posts here

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