Where do you crochet? I always sit in the same chair with my sample squares and current yarns at my side.


I took the above picture this morning – and noticed something I didn’t want to see!!

In a few more rows I will need Aster – but look – a rogue whisp or too of unwelcome colour…


Decisions…. decisions. Shall I just start and rejoin when I get to the fault – or cut my losses at this stage and wind the next few yards off for scrap? I’ll think on…..

So close to the end of the month now. April will be here before we know it – and with it the A-Z challenge. I’ve hardly had time to visit any other participants. Hopefully things will calm down enough for me to enjoy the month. My first post is already scheduled…..

Posted for National Crochet Month



One thought on “Where

  1. I crochet everywhere. At the park watching my daughter play on the playground, in the car, at a bar during happy hour…. You name it! LOL I have my bigger projects at home but I always have a small bag of a little project in the car in case I’m in a situation that I need to kill some time working on stuff. If all it needs is one ball of yarn and one hook, I’ll do it anywhere!


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