Lost WIP

This is going to sound very smug…… I don’t have one! I have been very strict. I’m not allowed to start another project until the current one is finished. That doesn’t mean to say that the situation won’t change!! I have a feeling I won’t be able to resist starting some things in the not too distant future, but hopefully none will become ‘lost’.


I thought I’d show you something that wasn’t exactly ‘LOST’ but has been resurrected.

From time to time I make a little book – either as a journal or as a project book. This, I think, was made at the end of 2014, but due to unexpected family health problems and more it wasn’t used for it’s intended purpose. The cover is made with strips of painted newspaper, some of which had the addition of scrawly doodles. Quick machine stitching added a bit of texture and it is held together with a length of suede leather ribbon

Inside are a collection of pages I hand dyed.


These are just some of them.

I have a few of these – all will be used at some point, but this one made me think of the sea, so I’ve decided to make it my journal for our little mini cruise in a couple of months. It needs a little more preparation, so that’s my intention – and I have feeling you will see more of it next month during the A-Z challenge. Are you going to join in? The link is in the sidebar. If you do add your name = don’t forget to let me know below – I’d hate to miss a post.

This post is made in response to the prompts for National Crochet Month

7 thoughts on “Lost WIP

  1. Stefani

    I really love the colors of your book. You are very good to not have multiple projects going. I always tell myself not to start a new project until I finish my current project but then I end not working on either.

    As for the A to Z challenge. I am still thinking about it. I had originally planned to take a break this year but I have a feeling that that plan may no longer be what’s happening.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for dropping in and making such kind comments. I have to discipline myself – but I love finishing projects, so that spurs me on. 😀 Don’t forget to let me know if you decide to do A-Z


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