Current WIP

National Crochet Month

I think I forgot to show you the list of prompts! Very remiss of me, so let’s rectify that immediately.  
A few of the prompts will need quite a lot of consideration, but today’s is easy.

Still working on the throw I’m calling ‘Raspberry Lobelia’ for no particular reason. I’m pleased with the progress in spite of hospital appointments

The next picture shows how much I have hooked since the last ‘reveal’

I’ll soon be halfway.  I still have the ends to weave in. I find that very relaxing so I will do that while I think about the border colours. There are 15 from which to choose ….:

5 thoughts on “Current WIP

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    1. Thank you Gilly. I just LOVE this pattern. The stitches are simple – only trebles and chain. Do a search on YouTube for crochet corner to corner. There are several, but I found the Red Heart / Crochet Gang the best. I use my scraps then add new yarn when I run out. Let me know if you give it a try.


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