Favourite Piece

The next prompt for National Crochet Month is to show a favourite piece. I have to say that my favourite piece is always the one on which I’m working – or the one that is playing around in my head as the next one to start!


So this must be my current favourite!

The colours are at the request of the client, and I have to say that I was disappointed when ‘pink and blue’ were mentioned. However, with a bit of tweaking I’m really pleased with the way it is progressing. I particularly enjoy the planning of the next sequence. The rows don’t just appear in a random way, a fair bit of thinking occurs all the way through


Sometimes they need a little tweak during the process, but my samples give me a good idea of how the next few rows will look.

Another post for National Crochet Month!

If you missed yesterday’s post, which was published late, you can find it here

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