I’m in a dilemma…..

I have worked in textiles for over 30 years. During that time I have learned many skills and created a vast number of items for which have sold all around the world. I learnt to crochet when I was a child, but none featured in any of the work I mentioned.

Just before Christmas last year I was tempted to pick up the hook. It was a refreshing change, and, as it happens, has been a very useful ‘interlude’ during times of stress this year as my DH was very ill. All crochet is for my own enjoyment, and I won’t be tempted to create to sell.

So, what’s this dilemma?

The yarn!

I am currently using Stylecraft Special DK which is actually the only brand of yarn I can buy locally. The shop also sells a couple of other lines of the same manufacturer but all of them are acrylic. We have no proper yarn shop, these balls of yarn being displayed in just a small corner of his otherwise general store.

How do you choose your yarn? Buying over the internet seems a little risky without first feeling and seeing ‘in the flesh’. I could dye my own if I had a source, but that is not a real prospect I wish to consider at the moment.

Ideas please – if I get to travel in the near future…… which yarns should I investigate? Which manufacturers do you admire.

Thanks in advance for all comments. They are moderated, but I will reply, and probably visit your blog if I don’t already follow it.


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